why buy rental cars

Do You Want to Buy a Rental Cars? 3 Pros and Cons About These Vehicles.

In this article you will learn about some pros and cons of buying cars from the rental car business. This article will help you decide if what they offer is what you want and help you choose the type of vehicle that is best for you.

Rental vehicles offer customers a wide selection of previously used cars. With a more competitive price and newer cars, buy a rental car can be a great option for you.  


Why Buy Rental Cars
They Are Always Renewing Their Inventory


Rental companies change their inventory every couple of years so they can have the best and newest vehicle’s for their customers, because of this rental cars usually have top technology and modern features.


In order for rental car companies to meet all warranty requirements for the vehicles in their inventory, rental companies must keep a tight maintenance schedule for every car in order to keep their car in the best condition possible. 

Lower Market Value

Rental vehicles are bought in large quantities which results in the manufacturer offering discounts to the rental companies. These rental companies usually try to sell their fleet as fast as possible, so they offer competitive prices as they want to minimize the profit and sell the vehicle as fast as possible. 


High Mileage

As rental cars are usually being driven by multiple customers they often have higher mileage than a private car. This means that they can easily put on 20 to 30 thousand kilometers a year.  Big rental companies usually change their inventory when their rental vehicles reach 25 to 45 thousand kilometers.

Lower resale cost

If you are thinking about driving this car to the ground, this topic makes no difference for you, but if you intend to re-sell your car in a couple of years, you might have some problems getting top dollar for your vehicle because of its rental history.

Basic Vehicles

Don’t expect to get a top of the line vehicle, rental companies buy basic or middle models of vehicles. If you are not looking for something for daily use, but are focusing on comfort and unlimited features, an ex-rental vehicle is not what you are looking for.

But how do I know if a car is an ex-rental? The easiest way to find out is to check with your dealership, but if you still have doubts, ask for the car’s history, the dealership will show if the car was used for commercial purpose or not.

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