How Gap Insurance can Protect you

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Get to know more about gap insurance and how important it can be for you and your family. Because of the potential savings and the low overall cost of Gap insurance, many car buyers and insurers recommend purchasing Gap insurance. Learn more about what Gap insurance protection is and if it’s worth the extra cost […]

Easy Way to Calculate Car Depreciation

Car Depreciation

We already discussed what causes car depreciation, now let’s figure out how to calculate it and make the best decision. As discussed in our previous article about Car Depreciation, the most significant amount of depreciation occurs in the car’s first year of being on the road being about 20-30% depreciation. On average, the car will […]

How Car Depreciation Works

A car is a type of asset that depreciates. Understanding how car depreciation works can help you save money on your next car purchase. What Is Car Depreciation? If you plan to buy a car, you should calculate how much depreciation the car will undergo. The amount a car’s value decreases over time is called […]

Canadians Best First Cars

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Save money in the long run choosing a car from our Best First Cars list and drive safely with your mind at ease. Buying your first car is an often exciting and memorable experience. The freedom and independence that comes with owning a car is one you can only understand when you’re no longer relying […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Car

Why Buy A Used Car | We Sell Autos

Buy a Used Car is a challenge and most people don’t see the benefits of this choice, here is 7 reasons for why you should consider buying a used vehicle. New cars are a tempting option to consider when replacing your old vehicle or planning to add to your toys in the garage. New cars […]